Monthly Archives: December 2013

books under consideration

I absolutely love to read. If I could figure out a way  to make my living reading books, I would be in heaven. The next best thing to reading a good book is talking about why it is a good book. That is the part that is missing in my life. So here I am on the web hoping to find the people like me. The readers of lots of books in lots of genres.  The ones who sometimes get pulled into the worlds created by another and want to share the experience. 

For starters:  Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Dark Jewels by Anne Bishop

The Sister Jane books by Rita Mae Brown

Outlander and Lord John Grey series by Diana Gabaldon

Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey

Future History series by Robert Heinlein

I would adore discussing any and all of these works.

Any takers?